Heartworm is a disease that could take you by surprise. Before starting any treatment for heartworm you should first know how the disease acts. If your dog gets the disease it is in great danger as the worm is known to be fatal in most untreated cases. In dogs, it takes about six months before […]

To communicate with each other, dogs use body language and guttural sounds, such as barks and growls. When they first meet, dogs use their body language to assess where each ranks in the pack order. Signs of dominance and confidence are a stiff body, head and ears up, hackles up and tail up. Signs of […]

A constipated dog is unable to empty his bowels by normal means and can experience uncomfortable side effects. The condition is fairly easy to diagnose as the dog will likely take longer than normal to defecate and most will show signs of straining or difficulty achieving results. Their stools are commonly small, dry, hard and […]

The key to having a dog pet that is enjoyable and fun is proper dog training. Most people think that dog training is teaching it how to do dumb tricks and competition exercises. Dog obedience training is teaching a dog to understand and do what it is told to do. The most critical aspect in […]

This eBook Is For People Who Want The Cure For “Dog Separation Anxiety Disorder” NOW !!! If you cringe when you try to leave your home because your dog whines, cries and tears your home to shreds, you must read this important letter… “Does it break your heart to hear your dog cry when you […]