People who love their canine companions only want the best for them so that their buddies can live long, happy, healthy and productive lives. One of the best ways to achieve these results is by feeding an organic dog food. Let’s take a look at some serious reasons to consider switching from chemically induced feeds […]

A constipated dog is unable to empty his bowels by normal means and can experience uncomfortable side effects. The condition is fairly easy to diagnose as the dog will likely take longer than normal to defecate and most will show signs of straining or difficulty achieving results. Their stools are commonly small, dry, hard and […]

Training a small doggy might appear like a problematic task, particularly when it turns out that your new doggy is not as adorable as you thought (for example: eliminates on the flooring, consumes his own stools etc.). There is a selection of common puppy problems such as woofing, biting or whining that you might have […]