Would you think me if I told you that there is such a thing as Dachshund anxiety problems? No? Dachshund Separation anxiety is more of an issuethan you may imagine. While it can be a trivial problem, Dachshund anxiety can be a major issue, changing your bond with your Dachshund. I used to believe I […]

What type training collars and leads will I need for my hunting dog? Dog Training Leads And Collars For Obedience And dealing In The Field To do business with your hunting dog inside field you require some specific products. You will want training leads of varying lengths, ranging from leads for employing a puppy at […]

Dog leads and leashes are not only very essential in dog training but also in general dog care and wellbeing. A lead is a very important buy for both your dog and you as the dog owner whether you will need it to help teach the dog right from wrong or to use it while […]