Stop Dachshund Separation Anxiety in 4 Simple Steps


Would you think me if I told you that there is such a thing as Dachshund anxiety problems? No? Dachshund Separation anxiety is more of an issuethan you may imagine. While it can be a trivial problem, Dachshund anxiety can be a major issue, changing your bond with your Dachshund. I used to believe I would have to give away my Dachshund; I now know differently

What Causes Dachshund Separation Anxiety?

Dachshunds are social dogs and depend on tight bonds with other family members. Dachshund separation anxiety can be triggered if they are left alone and consider they have been excluded from the family or conversely, if your Dachshund sees themselves as family leader and thinks you left without their consent. It is normally your lack of leadership that leads to Dachshund separation anxiety. It is vital that you prove you are the alpha member and will return to the group without fail. When your Dachshund sees that you are a good leader their separation anxiety will typically vanish.

A few Dachshunds become anxious when they believe you are going to abandon them . Something as straightforward as petting them as you walk out the door may be sufficient to generate Dachshund separation anxiety. Maintaining the precise identical schedule every day can exacerbate your Dachshund separation anxiety.

Dachshunds are wily dogs. If they get bored or have not enough exercise, they can become destructive as they are amusing themselves. This is not Dachshund separation anxiety.

How to End Dachshund Separation Anxiety

Four easy methods to reduce Dachshund anxiety:

1. Commence Slowly.
If your Dachshund anxiety centers around you leaving the home, you have tobegin by restricting the period of time you are away. Begin by leaving and right away coming back in. As their anxiety decreases you can leave your Dachshund for longer periods. Your Dachshund quickly learns that you will be returning and their anxiety reduces.

2. Mix Up Your Schedule.
Modify your routine if you see your Dachsund becoming anxious. Modify what time you get and as soon as you leave. Just minor changes in your every day routine can drastically lower your Dachshund separation anxiety.

3. Exercise.
Exercise your Dachshund properly, giving at least two 20 minute walks a day. A weary Dachshund will sleep. Don’t acknowledge your Dachshund as soon as you come home. Go about your usual business for 10 – 15 minutes. Only after that time should you pay attention to your Dachshund.

4. Do Not Strengthen Dachshund Separation Anxiety.
If you pat or even talk to your Dacshund as soon as you leave or return to the house can make Dachshund separation anxiety greatly worse. Take no notice of them for a few minutes as you abandon and as soon as you return, even if they bark or cry. Doing this breaks the association your Dachshund has made between receiving attention and you leaving or coming back

Doing What is Right For Your Dachshund

Some people think that this approach is cruel. This is false. Part of Dachshund ownership is making certain that your dog receives what it needs, be it food, exercise or medical treatment. This may not be what they want. The right way to reduce Dachshund separation anxiety is to show you are a solid group leader that will always return.. This is valuable both for your Dachshund and you.

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