The Best Dog Leashes And Leads For Dog Training


Dog leads and leashes are not only very essential in dog training but also in general dog care and wellbeing. A lead is a very important buy for both your dog and you as the dog owner whether you will need it to help teach the dog right from wrong or to use it while taking him on long walks.

There is a wide selection of dog leashes and leads available for dog owners to choose from. Although there are no wide variations, applications and designs, most dog owners are often at pain to choose the right dog leash or dog lead because they always want perfection in terms of use by the owner and comfort of the dog. In such a case, choosing the dog leash or dog lead becomes an even more difficult task than the actual dog training.

Types of dog leads and leashes

There are thousands of types of dog leads and dog leashes to choose from. Most of these are available in most pet stores and other retail stores. We will look at the different common types of leads to assist dog owners find the most appropriate leash for their dogs and for the owner.

Extending dog lead

What extending dog leas do is exactly as the name “extending” portrays. This lead extends away from the dog owner for a certain distance. This type of lead gives the dog owner a lot of control on the dog and can choose how far they want the lead to extend. The extended lead can also be used as a normal leash if need be.

Slip lead

The slip lead is a simple type of lead which has a loop and an adjustable clip on both ends. The loops and clips will allow the dog owner to loosen or tighten the lead around the dog’s neck from his end. This is a simple but very effective lead that is easy to use and grants the owner full control of the dog.

Nylon lead

This is the simplest and the cheapest dog lead available. The nylon lead is not very dog friendly because it causes rubbing and digging on the dogs neck. Where possible, dog owners should never use this type of leash.

Bungee lead

The Bungee lead assists in doing away with the looseness of the lead that often causes the dog or the owner to trip over the lead or leash. It is designed to self adjust and there will be less pulling of the owner’s arm during the training process.

Leather leads

Leather is a popular material to make dog leashes and dog leads because it is comfortable and grants the dog owner full control of the entire training activity. If the dog trainer can determine what extent a dog can wander during training, then they have a greater advantage to train more effectively. However, if the dog is persistent and unwitting, the pulling can affect the owner’s arm.

Leather leads are the best for training a dog. The best way to train a dog is getting its attention and focus by limiting its freedom and chance to misbehave using a good leather lead.

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