Will the dog die from canine pancreatitis?Can something be done to make sure it doesn’t appear?If my dog has Canine Pancreatitis, how do I treat it?For the first question, you should know that only the cases that get to severe stages can become fatal. The other two questions can be answered if you know how […]

Keeping your dog cool during the summer months is extremely important. It can prevent heat stroke, dehydration or even death. Dogs not only need to drink plenty of water to keep cool, many of them like to swim in it as well. While it is a great form of exercise and will help to keep […]

Summer may be your favorite time of year, but with it comes the heat, humidity and summer storms-all of which can be very hard on your dog. When planning your summer, it is important to remember your canine family members to make sure they make it through the summer happy and healthy. “We see and […]

Parvovirus is a disease that dogs contact very easily if not vaccinated against it. Pups are the most vulnerable for this disease that has created one of the most severe dog health problems. The disease is brought about by a virus that is considered a mutation of the distemper virus. However, the drug companies have […]