Parvovirus – One of The Most Serious Dog Health Problems


Parvovirus is a disease that dogs contact very easily if not vaccinated against it. Pups are the most vulnerable for this disease that has created one of the most severe dog health problems. The disease is brought about by a virus that is considered a mutation of the distemper virus. However, the drug companies have been able to develop a vaccine against it.
There is no way that you can save an animal from this type of dog health problems as the virus is everywhere. The only way to save a dog from contacting this disease is to vaccinate it. Pups are the most vulnerable of the dogs to this serious disease of dogs. Once a pup contacts this disease, its chance to survival is only 10%. Due to this reason, Parvovirus is treated as one of the most important dog health problems.
When a dog is affected by Parvovirus, it will get one of the two types of sickness. It could be intestinal parvovirus disease or cardiac parvovirus disease. In case of intestinal parvovirus, the dog will develop diarrhea and with many dogs it could be mixed with blood. In case of cardiac parvovirus there could be cardiac problems and respiratory problems. The basic dog health problems brought about by this disease are the fever, vomiting and weakness due to loss of electrolytes. In addition to this, the dogs develop diarrhea and dehydration. The final result of these symptoms will be the death.
As parvovirus is one of the most dangerous dog health problems, you need to vaccinate your pet at the earliest possible instance. The vaccine is so effective that a vaccinated dog contacting the disease is never heard. Any veterinarian is able to give the vaccine and it is one of the first few vaccines a pup gets in its life. As this is more serious than any other dog health problems, you need to give priority to vaccinating your dog against parvovirus. The booster doses are given after the first vaccine. When you take your dog for these vaccinations, make sure that it doesn’t have any other dog health problems because you cannot vaccinate a sick pup or a dog.

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