Exercise For Older Dogs


As dogs get older and start slowing down, they still need to exercise to keep their blood pumping and heart racing! You should also consult with the vet for tips on how to care and help your dog with exercise.

Your best friend can still do the same thing they’ve always done as to when they were puppies, the only exception is they’ll be doing it at a slower pace. When doing excersise with your dog make sure you keep your dog hydrated! Just like you running around in the hot sun will leave you pet a very thirsty animal.

Which is why you should keep an eye on the weather reports. When taking your dog out for a walk, make sure its not too hot or too cold for your dog. The weather could hinder them just a bit. If its cold for your dog and you still would like to take your dog out for a walk, consider a doggy sweater. A 10 -15 minute walk with your dog twice a day. If there is a favorite spot your dog liked to stroll or spend time at, then I would take your dog there. Sometimes taking them to places they like playing will motivate them a bit more.

If your dog likes to play fetch, take your pals favorite toy, if not a soft toy would work just as good. A hard toy would more than likely hurt their teeth or jaw. Don’t forget your dogs favorite treat as a reward! Playing tug is also a good exercise as well as swimming! Swimming helps with dogs that have hip problems! If you can’t make it outside for their daily walks, a treadmill works just as good.

If your dog likes to run, then go for it! However, running on hard surfaces like concrete isn’t something that is helpful or beneficial to your dog. If you don’t have any other place other than concrete, then walking slowly with your dog is highly suggested and walking at your dogs pace!

Some of these exercises can be done indoors, just incase the weather is a bit too unbearable for your dog.

While you and your dog do your daily excersises, you should keep a closer eye on your dog. Try to go with your dogs speed, not yours.

If you feel your dog is going way too slow, then taking him to the vet is something you should consider! Your dog may be having other issues that you’re not aware about! After all, you would like to keep your furry pal longer and we all know, dogs are man’s best friend!

Colin McDonald writes on behalf of Lintbells – dog health and oneagency.co a seo agency

Colin McDonald writes on behalf of Lintbells – dog health and oneagency.co a seo agency

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