Treat it Before it Gets Too Late


Dogs are the most preferred species of the animals as pets by humans. Many people consider them as one of the family member. Many breeds of dogs are adopted by the people as their companions. Proper care has to be taken if one plans to adopt a dog. Just like human beings dogs are prone to many diseases and sometimes the diseases can also affect the owner. So treatment of the disease has to be done in a proper time and in a proper way. Even a small wound should not be neglected. Dog health is affected if proper medicines are not given in timely interval. Dogs are more prone to the microbial infections due to the fur on the body. When dogs are wet, the fur on them acts as the absorbents, i.e. the fur remains wet, easy drying is difficult. This thing induces the growth of micro-organisms on the body and can cause many microbial infections. Another factor which can cause the microbial growth is the habit of dogs to lick the open wound or cut. This can be very dangerous and in many cases deadly. Any sign of unusual behavior of dogs should be immediately taken care.

The diseases can be caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites, or virus very common bacterial skin diseases in dogs is pyroderma, which is a skin disease. It is generally caused when the dog is injured by any means. Some of the symptoms of this disease is itchiness, yellow pustules, loss of hair and bad odor. Dogs are more prone to the microbial infections due to the fur on the body.

Bacterial diseases in dogs are often not contagious from one dog to another dog but it can be very dangerous to the dog who is suffering from such disease. One treatment is to remove the fur from the affected area and apply antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Moreover, anti-allergic drugs can be combined with it. Leptospirosis is another disease which is caused by the contaminated water, which the dogs might have drank from the unhygienic places like puddle or gutters. It is a contagious disease and even humans can get affected by this disease. Proper bathing of the dogs should be carried out with the antibiotic shampoos. If the infection is severe then the dogs should be immediately taken to the veterinarian doctor so that the doctor can recommend various medicines and treatment for the diseases. By changing the dietary habits and regular exercises, the health of dogs can be improvised and they can be made more to immunized to various diseases.

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