Tips And Tricks to Train Your Dachshund


Owning a pet dog like a dachshund and training a dachshund is a big responsibility. Another responsibility is to train your dachshund and make it well-mannered. The dachshunds are known to be independent dogs; they make their own decisions and don’t like anybody to command them. So training a dachshund is not an easy job for those who want to have a dachshund. They are very hard to break and training a dachshund is not a morning walk; you have to be fully prepared for it.

Training a dachshund is not like training any other dog, as training a dachshund is a rather tough task than any other dog. One of the important step in the training process is to start early with their training. The earlier you start training your dachshund, the better your breed will be. Training an adult dachshund is a rather difficult task than a dachshund puppy but it’s not impossible. You need to keep more patience and firmness during the training process of your dachshund.

When you start the training a dachshund keep in mind to keep the training sessions short, a session should not be more than 5 minutes long. You can repeat the training a couple of times rather than keeping a long session of the training process. Keep feeding your dachshund during the training to keep it healthy and interested in the training. Your dog can also learn to sit by your side and wait for your instructions as well, you also have to keep your dog praising and rewarding in small happiness.

Reward your dachshund at times he does things in the right way but you should punish your dachshund when it does something wrong. You should let your dachshund know that he should not be repeating the mistakes again. You should have a time fixed for the training of your dog to have a routine fixed for him as these tricks are all part of training a dachshund.

One of the important aspects in your training is to teach them to protect your house. This can be done by providing crate training to your dachshund. The crate-trained dachshunds tend to get good manners and are more obedient in nature.

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