Owning a dog would have to be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It’s no secret that owners take great pride in their pets, especially when the dog is disciplined and well-behaved. Unfortunately, not all canines are the same. If your pooch proves to be a handful despite all the obedience training, […]

So you’ve got a brand new dog or maybe you’re just sick and tired of having a dog who just won’t behave. This isn’t uncommon, there are plenty of canine owners who try to train their pet only to result in total and utter failure. I bet many of you dog lovers like me have […]

Dogs are creatures of habit and once they pick up a bad habit they have a tendency to repeat it. Bad habits can be detrimental to the dog’s health and cause him to be in danger. If your dog is displaying negative behavior, you must quickly intervene before they become a bad habit. Here is […]