There’s no doubt that owning a dog is hugely satisfying. Of course, there is a huge amount of responsibility – exercising him, food bills, visits to the vet and poop scooping are just some of the aspects involved. It’s a labour of love but, in return for looking after him, your dog will lavish all […]

The best advice for keeping your dog healthy, educate yourself on the individual needs and health issue for your dog and listen to your vet. Getting your dog used to car rides is a good way to reduce stress on vet days. This will help your vet accurately monitor your dog’s health. Dog health care […]

When your dog is not well you are not able to figure out what to do. Unless you are a seasoned dog owner, it is not easy to solve dog health problems. The simple reason is that your canine friend cannot inform you what is wrong with it. Therefore, you need to educate yourself on […]