Six Steps To Successful Crate Training


One of the most important components to your pups house training is control. Regardless of your life style there will always be times when you’ll need a place where your dog can stay and be happy and content by himself. Crate training is the best option for dog owners whom want well trained dogs.

There are six important steps to accomplishing your crate training goals.

1) Tell the puppy “its crate time” and place him in the crate with a small treat. Leave him in the crate for five minutes while you’re still in the same room, than let him out and praise him lavishly.

2) Repeat step #1 several times daily. Never release the pup early because he’s fussy, make him wait until he’s calm and excepts his situation.

3) On the second day start leaving the puppy in the crate for 10 minute intervals, same as day number one.

4) Everyday increase the time by 5 minutes until the puppy will stay in the crate for 30 minutes.

5) Go back to 5 minute time periods but leave the puppy in the crate while you are out of the room. It’s important not to skip any steps or alter the time periods, to properly crate train your puppy you will need to invest the right amount of time, which will pay off in the end.

6) Once again build up the crate time in 5 minute increments with you out of the room. When the puppy will stay willingly in his crate (he will probably start to use it as nap time) for 30 minutes with you gone he will then be ready to stay for several hours by himself.

It is very important to build up the new puppy’s crate time slowly over the course of a few days so as not to frighten the dog or make him feel like he’s being punished.

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