How to Train Your Dog Easily


At one time or another, a dog owner will find it necessary to train a dog to change its certain behaviors and manners. In this case, dog training will be invaluable and it is only in using the right training techniques that you can be able to make the dog understand what is right, what is wrong and what is expected of it. There are many dog training techniques available for you to use. However, the suitability of these techniques is not necessarily universal and just because one technique works on one dog is not guaranteed to work on another.

The first step in successful training of your dog is choosing the right training method that will address the root concern to the behavior of the dog. The best training techniques is always optimistic, meaning that it should not involve spanking, beating, punishing or scolding the dog. A dog will never learn from any form of oppressive training. Oppressing a dog during training will make it fearful and dangerous and this will never be a characteristic of a good pet.

However, at some instances, it is necessary to warn or even punish a dog. How you do it is the greatest determinant of its effectiveness. Most dog owners are always confused when to warn, to punish or even to reward a dog. Rewarding a dog when it is supposed to be punished or punishing it when it is supposed to be motivated can have very serious negative effects on the training.

In many instances, most dog training exercise fail because the family members confuse it by issuing contradicting and unclear training commands. There should only be one dog trainer at a time. Even in a large family, the dog trainer should be consistent and advice other family members what not to do, what not to train the dog and how to assist the dog grasp some of the training they have taught it. This will be a positive action that will definitely bear fruit in the long run.

Another vital point to note while training your dog is his performance while it is near you. For a professional dog trainer, it may be easy to get the dog’s attention because they have no special attachment. If the dog owner is acting as the trainer, there are bound to be many distractions especially if the dog is grown. The dog could be tempting the trainer every now and then to play its favorite game or just wants to walk. As a trainer, you must learn to instruct a dog when it is serious lesson time and what time is play time.

If there are many distractions during the dog training, it is wise to train the dog while under leash. This way, the trainer will be in control and bring the dog’s concentration back whenever it strays. The dog will be more focused and cooperative if it is under leash. If you are not sure how to control the dog using a leash, it is important to learn and practice this prior to beginning the dog training exercise.

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