Dog Training Hand Signals-The Best Way To Improve Communication With Our Dog


Many dog owners do not use dog training hand signals in their daily training but as most professional trainers would agree, the very first thing that precedes every successful puppy training is building relationship with our dog. But the question is how we do just that?

It is not secret that our hairy friend does not speak English so how we going to teach him what is wrong and what is right? While it is true that a dog does not understand the words that come out of our mouth he is able to read our body language and he knows exactly if we are upset or not. So to incorporate dog training signals in our daily training seems to be a very logical solutions which is overlooked by many.

While there are many methods out there to teach our best friend certain behavior and then assign a cue to this behavior which will trigger desired behavior. However, what to do if our hairy friend is far away from us and can not hear what we are saying or what if we have a deaf dog?

Here the benefits of incorporating training hand-signals into daily training are much more obvious. If our puppy can see us, it is enough to show him hand signals and he knows what to do. This is great tool that could help keep our best friend safe which of course if our top priority.

Finally there are no standard puppy training hand signals and you will not make any mistake if you decide to use any desired hand signal as long as you stay consistent to avoid confusing your puppy.

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