Do It Yourself Puppy Dog Training


One of the most enjoyable dog training experiences is that of training a puppy. For both experienced and first time puppy owners, it is a pleasantly rewarding experience. You watch your puppy grow, bond with you and learn all the things you are teaching him. If you want to involve a dog trainer, I always advice that you participate as much as possible in your puppy’s growth and training.

Puppy training should be started as soon as possible. Some people say you should wait until the dog is a year old but this is entirely wrong. Puppy training should start the moment it is weaned from the mother and brought to your house. The kind of canine citizen your dog becomes is dependent on how much you help him to be conditioned to the human domesticated world.

If your puppy is not trained, he will grow to become an unruly and generally uncontrollable dog. One that will be an embarrassment to you and your family. On the other hand if you guide and lead him properly, help to shape is character and behavior then you will have a dog that will bring the joy of man’s best friend to you and your family.

Your puppy will have to be given the following basic training to become a properly disciplined dog: House training, Crate training, Socialization, Stopping excessive backing, Stopping biting/chewing and General obedience (seat, walk, stop etc).

Your first responsibility is to create some free time for his training. Let it take priority in your schedule. Plan his meal time bed time and wake up time. Watch what he eats and avoid food that can upset him.

When you start obedience training, make sure he is rewarded only for good behavior so you will not reinforce unruly behavior. Dog training needs a lot of patience. At first, you will not get it right and your puppy will resist the training. But if you keep at it persistently, he will come around.

Be a gentle as you can with your puppy. Do not be hash with him. He doesn’t yet have the endurance of an adult dog and will require more rest and naps to grow and develop. So take it easy with the intensity of the training. Let him trust you from stage to stage. Gradually build his confidence in your leadership ability.

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