Consistency The Most Important Factor For Bichon Frise Training


People typically have more tolerance for a sweet-looking pet which might hinder them from starting Bichon Frise Training right away. Although it is reasonable to allow your cuddly companion to roam around and investigate its new surroundings, dog training must still remain high on the priority list. Give a day or two for adjustment, after which, lessons must start. If it is your first time to have a pet, ask the breeder for some tips and instructions.

Owners who know how to be consistent will not have a problem training their dogs. Of course, it also wouldn’t hurt to be prepared. The best place to train Bichon puppies is indoors and with an appropriately-sized cage. It must be big enough to house an adult Bichon that can move and turn freely. Place a rug or towel to comfort the puppy. It will take some more time for the chewing stage to end so try not to shower your Bichon with too many expensive toys.

The first step in your Bichon Frise Training is the introduction of the crate. See to it that the space is a pleasant area for eating, sleeping and playing. Do not use this space to punish the puppy. Initially, the dog will protest by howling, crying or whining. Be consistent in saying “No Bark!”, but as soon as the puppy stops crying, praise it with positive feedback. This type of dog training teaches your dog that the crate is its comfort zone or a bedroom. Eventually, the puppy will be comfortable with the new sense of security, it will learn to go come back to this place when it is sleepy or hungry. For owners, the crate is a helpful tool in preventing accidents especially when the Bichon needs to be left alone temporarily. Puppies normally protest when they see their owners leave, but being inside the crate helps and they can be further comforted with toys and blankets. This is better than allowing your pet to roam around the house unsupervised.

Some owners are not comfortable being strict in executing commands. However, we should be reminded that dogs thrive in packs because they have a leader to follow. Dog training follows the same concept. Repetition and consistency of certain commands promise respect and obedience in the following days to come. These dogs can be stubborn but do not doubt the high intelligence that they possess. Never attempt to hit the dog during training. Even a small strike can result to very negative effects on these sensitive dogs.

When it comes to Bichon Frise Training for housebreaking, they require repeated trips outside. This is typical of small dog breeds. Observe the behavior of the puppy. When it is time to urinate or defecate, bring the puppy to the allotted area outdoors. Commands like “Go Potty!”, should be delivered sternly and encouragingly. Don’t forget to praise and give affection afterwards but also insert the command. It should sound like: “Good girl, go potty!”. Repeat this several times.

Training and guidance, will make your pet happy and well-balanced. Provide constant affirmation, care and gentle play to your polite and well-mannered Bichon Frise.

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