Come Here Command From Dog Training Books


Our pet dog will at some point show us a behavior that we will need to train him out of. Sometimes our dog barks too much, he may enjoy jumping on your mother in law, Fido might enjoying chewing on your guest or perhaps he rather enjoys driving you mad when he ignores you when you call him. The simplest method to rectify this is to use dog training books. By using dog training books you can quickly and easily address a behavior from the comfort of home.

Let’s use an example, suppose your dog does the same thing mine loves to do. She completely ignores you when called! Try what you may but she will not listen when you call her. This can lead to serious and dangerous situations. A time may come when your dog runs into the road and you call her, if she doesn’t listen it could be fatal. By learning a simple training regime from dog training books, you can turn this behavior right around. The only other option is to go to local classes. This of course is a costly and time consuming exercise. You may not have the finances or the time to commit to an intensive training program. This is where using dog training book makes it simple and cheap to achieve the same results without too much disruption.

So, using information out of dog training books, you do some research on what you need to know about getting a dog to obey the “come here” command. Here are two things you can do to help the training on this specific command speed up.
1. Give your dog plenty of exercise. This way he doesn’t run away to unlimited freedom when he is given half a chance
2. Always praise him and show him lots of affection when he does come to you. This sets the stage in his mind that coming towards you is a pleasant experience.

Now for a simple exercise that you can practice for 5 minutes a day for a week or two. You will need a partner, a leash and some treats. Use a passage in your house and you and your partner sit on the floor facing each other six feet apart. Your partner holds your dog that is leashed and you hold the other end of the leash. Call your dog by saying “come “and guide him to you with the leash. When he gets to you put your hand through his collar, give him a treat and praise him like mad. Keep repeating this exercise every day for five to ten minutes, gradually increasing the distance and removing the leash. In no time your little critter will be trained to come to you when called.

This is a powerful example of employing techniques from Dog Training Books that will produce excellent results. All you need is to be shown Dog Training Books. The actual techniques are simple and easy to teach.

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