Boxer Dog Training – Things You Need To Know


Training your boxer dog will be a more enjoyable and successful experience if you understand the peculiarities of the breed. Different dog breeds require different approaches to training to get the best out of them. If you are not prepared, you might become frustrated and discourage by the resistance your Boxer will put up in obedience training. Even if you have trained other breeds before, the following tips will help you greatly in training your Boxer.

Boxers are naturally a stubborn breed and need some persistence to be taught to obey commands. They are strong-willed and like having their own way. You have to be consistent in teaching obedience or he will not take you seriously and ignore you. You must let him understand that you are the one in charge. If he is exerting his dominance on you, you might have to enroll him in an obedience class where he will be handled by professionals.

Once you get beyond your Boxers stubbornness, you will discover that he is really a very smart dog. This is one good thing about this breed. They pick up instructions easily and understand what is expected of them. They are very watchful and alert. This why they are popular as police and rescue dogs.

Boxers are energetic dogs with a medium to large build. They are very lively and require a lot of exercise. Boxers have been bred as working dogs for several decades; therefore they have a heritage of boundless energy that needs to be released in daily exercise. Your Boxer needs at least 20-30 minutes walk every day to keep him calm. A Boxer can become restless and destructive when not given exercise.

Boxers are a very loving and friendly breed. They are good with children and other domestic animals. It is important though that he is given early socialization to know how to behave around children, strangers and other dogs. They are very loyal and devoted animals.
Because of their size and active nature, Boxes need a lot of space. They do very well in large houses and country homes. Not really ideal for apartment style residences.

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