Why is My Dog Vomiting?


“Why is my dog vomiting?” is a question that is often asked by dog owners. In the life of a dog, there is not a single answer, as it may occur for a variety of reasons. Most often, vomiting once or twice is not cause for great concern in canine animals. These cases usually work themselves out as the dog’s body attempts to rid itself of substances that disagree with their system. On the other hand, consistent purging is a sign that medical attention may be needed.

Acute vomiting is simply the occasional and sudden episode of vomiting that occurs just a time or two. In this case, the dog has probably eaten something that does not agree with its stomach and the body reacts by purging to cleanse itself. Acute vomiting may also take place when a dog has experienced a sudden change in diet, eaten excessively or rapidly, consumed foods that their body does not tolerate, or if they swallow items not intended for consumption. In most cases that an owner questions, why is my dog vomiting, one of these situations exists. Dogs can often be seen eating grass as a natural means to help them regurgitate when their stomach is upset. When the vomiting ceases after just a few episodes and the dog returns to his natural temperament, most likely the problem has been resolved.

When chronic vomiting occurs, dogs will vomit continuously or on a regular basis. This can be a sign of a variety of more serious conditions. Among those might be internal parasites, canine parvovirus, intestinal obstruction, twisted stomach, food allergies and pancreatitis. Poisoning, stress and various other medical conditions may also be responsible. Not all incidences of vomiting in dogs indicate a serious condition; however, sudden and repeated episodes should always be treated as potential medical emergencies. Vomit that is accompanied by bile, blood, unusually strong odors or large amounts of mucus should be taken very seriously.

The question, “Why is my dog vomiting?” is a common one among pet owners. In order to find the answer, all symptoms and the overall health of the dog must be considered.

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