Valentine’s Day Letter Campaign to Shut Down Puppy Mills



A national Valentine’s Day campaign was launched today to pressure politicians to close down puppy mills in Canada.

The letter-writing campaign was inspired by Ruby, a survivor of a puppy mill whose health was seriously compromised by six caged years of life in a mill as a breeding dog. Ruby, who was rescued by campaign organizer and author Mary Giuffre of Bewdley, died just two years after her rescue.

“So that Ruby’s life was not lived in vain, we have made a commitment to educate everyone about the horror of puppy mills,” says Giuffre. “Our plan is to let her example lead the way. Ruby’s Love Letter campaign delivers a serious message in a peaceful way, so we believe February 14 is the perfect day to spread the word. Imagine a flood of red envelopes reaching government officials on Valentine’s Day every year.”

The Ruby Campaign is intended to urge politicians to toughen laws and stop the growth of this underground multi-million dollar business…..

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