Training Weimaraner Puppies How To Make Great Adult Dogs


Training Weimaraner puppies early really is mandatory if you want them to develop into great adult dogs. First up, they need a lot of exercise each and every day. They need to move to stay healthy and avoid boredom. They are hunting dogs that love to fetch and chase, and they have powerful instincts to hunt and work. If you can find ways to work with their sometimes stubborn temperament, you will eventually have a great dog that is loyal, affectionate and fun!

I realise I am a little biased here but Weimaraners are beautiful dogs. Their lovely grey coats have given them the nick name of grey ghosts. However, those sleek coats cover a powerful animal that needs more exercise each day than most people can give them. If they do not get enough activity and exercise they will start to become destructive and can chew holes in most everything you can imagine. When you consider that they also enjoy barking loudly when bored, you will understand why you must keep them busy with daily exercise and training.

One of the keys that almost every expert suggests is to provide a wide variety of athletics that your puppy can do every single day. These include things such as running next to a bicycle, jogging next to you, hiking with you along a rigorous trail, or playing catch with balls of all kinds. Apart from just exercise, the effort of learning in training also tires your dog and relieves boredom just as effectively. Aim to do some of both.

Remember, Weimaraners are naturally born hunting animals. They have been bred and trained for hundreds of years to hunt and kill larger animals. They are very good at it, and do not hesitate when instinct prompts them. For this reason, you must always maintain control over your pup so that they are not allowed to chase other pets or wildlife. An adult Weimaraner at full chase can be a danger to others and to itself.

One of the most difficult training areas for many includes housebreaking your Weimaraner puppy. Most experts recommend that you use crate training for this and I agree! Put your puppy in its crate when not playing or exercising except for bathroom breaks. Schedule them every one or two hours during the day and at least twice at night until the puppy has more bladder control. Take the puppy out of its crate to the place you wish it to use outside, wait until your pup does his thing and then reward him. Do this every single time for about 10 weeks. Of course, when you have the pup with you, make sure you allow them to toilet outside only. Weimaraner puppies are highly intelligent, so once it understands completely where its bathroom is, you probably will have no further problems.

Training Weimaraner puppies is a challenge that is well worth it. These puppies are intelligent and loyal pets. They will eventually protect you and your family, and be loyal and loving companions. If you establish that you are the alpha dog, then its natural tendency to try to dominate will become less and less of a problem with time. Once trained, you will have a wonderful adult dog.

Paul Jamieson is a Weimaraner enthusiast and has helped others with Weimaraner training advice for the past 12 years. To find out how you can effectively deal with Weimaraner obedience problems fast and easy

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