The Ultimate Dog Training Tip Not All Dogs Are Created Equal


A lot of people make a mistake regarding dog and training – they think that one dog can be trained just like the other dog, worse, that all breeds can be trained in exactly the same way. Wrong.

It is very important dog training tip to stress is that when it comes to dog and training, not all dogs are created equal, just like many believe it or not. Each dog has their very own unique personality just like humans. And if the dog owners would only remember that important dog training tip, then they may not get as frustrated with the training of their dogs.

One dog training tip that an experienced trainer once told me was that small dogs are to be given a different approach to training than the bigger dogs. Ever heard of the Napoleonic syndrome? The shorter they are the . . . well, let’s just leave it at that.

Basically, smaller dogs are more courageous at heart if not in mind; they have to compensate for their small sizes. While the bigger dogs are just as courageous, but they feel they do not need to prove it for they already have the size and the power. So if a trainer looks at the quirks of the dog’s personalities, they would know just what technique to use when training the dog.

The dog trainer went on to display that not all big dogs are born leaders or Alphas for that matter. There have been a lot of cases where the smallest in the pack is the leader because of their cunning and intelligence. It also helps if the smaller dog raised the bigger dog since it was a pup. The bigger sized dogs bow to their elders, just like any humans. No matter the size, the bigger dog can concede to the reasoning of a smaller dog especially when it comes to stalking. This behaviour can be most observable in a home with small sized and big sized dogs living in one household. Usually the big dogs are the muscles and the smaller ones are those who think up of ways to manipulate the humans.

When it comes to dog and training, these personalities should be observed before the actual training could begin. There are some dogs that refuse to be trained until they see a smaller and older one doing exactly what the trainer instructs them to do. The big dogs would not want to look stupid in front of the smaller ones so they strive hard to emulate the example of the smaller dogs.

Trainers have long since observed that most dogs would learn faster from example of older dogs. Just like the humans do, they learn through observation and example. So do not get frustrated when what worked for one dog does not work for the other. Talk to a trainer and ask for their opinions on dog and training and how best to approach the whole process. Maybe the dog just needs guidance from another dog. It usually does the trick.

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