The Furry And Friendly Family Fellows


No doubt that dogs are called our best friends, as they are the most faithful and obedient creatures created by god. They are to be taken care of once they belong to us. One of the most important thing before you pick up a dog breed is that number of times you need to give the proper vaccination to them. Also you should make sure the dog health is not in a bad state as dogs are prone to many microbial infections. It should be taken to a vet for proper vaccination before you make it your family member. This furry family friends needs attention in the matters of their body coat as well. Some dog breeds needs daily combing and trimming while others can be weekly combed as the fur is not very thick is some dogs. You need to look into the habits and nature of the skin or hair by researching on the net or from any other reliable sources. The thing of vital importance is that you should choose a dog which fits your lifestyle, you should be able to give an ample amount of time to the dog health as you do it to your family.

Just like the microbes lives in our body, even the dog’s body is a storehouse of microbes, which are harmful as well as helpful to its body. Some of the helpful microbes can help the body in digestion and other process, while many of the microbes which can be called as the pathogens cause an array of diseases in dogs. Lyme disorders, Rocky mountain spotted fever, Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, Ehrlichiosis, Costridium are some of the harmful diseases caused by the parasitic bacteria. Thus, it is very important to keep handy the common antiseptic and antimicrobial medicines to keep the dogs shielded from harmful bacteria. Also gentle handling and abundance of love and care is needed for these faithful buddies. When we love them unconditionally and freely then they also give us the or in fact more in return. They understand and respond to every human emotions, so always think before being harsh to them. Don’t chain the dogs unnecessarily let them be free and let them enjoy the freedom. Dogs can be truly our best friends. Dogs gives us the best in them and don’t even expect anything from us but it is our duty to be with them and give our best care.

Are you concerned about dog health and microbial infections?

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