The Dog Trainers Best Friend Has Always Been The Dog Training Collar.


There are different reasons for dog training -obedience training, hunting, search and rescue, assisting disabled, and the list goes on. For most, if not all, trainers, using a dog training collar is the best way to train for whatever purpose, especially in the early stages of training when the dog is still unruly. Dog training collars are of different kinds. Let us discuss here the different kinds and see how they apply to dog training.

The first type to be discussed is the slip collar, alternatively called choke chain. This collar is a chain with two rings on both ends-one for looping the collar around the neck, and the other for attachment to the rope that is handled by the trainer. As the dog does an undesired behavior, the trainer pulls the rope. This tightens the chain and chokes the dog, but not to the point of suffocating it. Choking should not be painful but should be bothersome enough to tell the dog that it is doing an unwanted behavior. This is confirmed when the trainer lets go of his grip when the dog has stopped doing the behavior.

The second type is the prong collar which has two types of chain. The bigger type is looped around the neck of the dog, while the other is attached to the rope handled by the trainer. When a dog does something undesired, the rope is pulled, applying pressure around the dog’s neck. Similar to choking, the pressure applied should be harmless yet bothersome. The slip and prong collars are examples of the traditional type of collars. Now, there are newer types of collars that use advanced technology for easier dog training. One of these is the shock type collar.

The shock type collar is arguably the most convenient of all types of dog training collar. This type of collar utilizes shock, which is applied to the dog via an external remote control, every time it does something unwanted. This comes as more convenient especially when the dog is persistent with its undesirable behavior, as pressing controls is way easier than repeatedly tugging at the rope. Moreover, more trainers prefer this type of collar because its wireless feature allows wider area for training.

When speaking of shock type collars, Dogtra will always be a part of the conversation, as it is one of the best brands out there. A dog training collar from Dogtra has at least 400-yard range for its remote control collar. This makes it more convenient for the trainer as he does not have to follow an unruly dog running around. Moreover, it has a vibration feature allowing the trainer to call the dog’s attention without applying shock to the dog. Add to this its water-proof feature and you know you can use this collar anywhere any time, making it a more convenient option.

Dog training, for whatever reason, will always benefit from using a dog training collar. As such, every dog handler should purchase one. The type of collar one should buy depends on the type of training one is planning to hold. But if it is convenience and flexibility you are looking for, shock type collars are your best picks. And among shock type collars, Dogtra dog training collar is a safe bet.

Over the years, there has been an evolution of dog training collar. One of its modern forms is the shock type. Many experts say that it may be the best type for dog training right now. Come and see for yourself!

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