The Best Dog Training Techniques


Did you recently buy, adopt or rescued a dog or a puppy? There are great tips on choosing the best dog training pram for the dog in order to make it obedient, fun to be with and a well behaved dog. Since there are many programs for you to choose from, there are specific qualities that you should look for in the most appropriate program or trainer to train your dog. This article discusses those qualities.

a) Motivational, positive philosophy

A trainer who understands the value of motivational positive philosophy and techniques has the best interest of your dog at heart. Such a trainer knows that the dog’s behavior can be influenced in a harmless, positive way. Some of the positive approaches that can be used to train a dog include the reward based, cutting edge or clicker isolation training techniques.

Positive training methods build the confidence and patience of both the dog owner and the dog. There are a number of inhuman and cruel ways to train a dog that should never be used. These techniques utilize shock collars and isolation of the dog. These methods never achieve the desired results because the methods affect the dog’s personality and discipline and can cause irreversible damage in the long run.

b) Certified Dog Trainers

If someone else has to train your dog, it has to be a certified behaviorist or dog trainer. Ensure that you understand the different types of credentials and qualifications of the trainer. Certifications assure prospective clients that the dog trainer has the necessary expertise, talent, insight and strategies to improve on the dog’s performance. This is very important for adopted, rescued or dogs with known behavioral issues.

c) Continuous testing and assessment

A good training program should take time to examine the dog and give recommendations on a variety of corrective or improvement measures over time. The assessment should be ongoing and should report the progress of training to the dog owner for review in a supportive and collaborative way.

d) A variety of training lessons and options

A good dog training program should offer a variety of options and training lessons from a one-on-one training with the dog owner to group classes for adult dogs, puppies and their handlers. This offers a better training choice for the dog and exposes it to different environment so that it learns how to interact with humans and other dogs.

e) Opportunities to practice new skills

Skills learnt are not so useful unless the dog can demonstrate them in practice. A good training program should give the dog an opportunity to learn, exercise and apply new skills. The dog owner should be aware of all training activities and exercises at all times for maximum exposure.

f) Collaboration with the community

The best dog training program should incorporate the dog’s behavior outside and its interaction with other dogs and pets. The owner should be aware of the happenings in the community as far as pets are concerned and ensure that the dog is trained to adapt to any laws and regulations. Collaborations in training nurtures greater understanding and professionalism leading to a vibrant partnership between the canines and humans.

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