The Basic Steps of Puppy Training


The early life of a puppy is extremely important. How the owner deals with this early period will have a huge impact on the characteristic and behavioral development of the puppy. Because the puppy is still young, it learns quickly. This is why we have to use this time to properly teach the puppy of what is allowed and what is not, how it should behave in particular situations etc. In this article I will write about some instructions about the most important things that a young dog has to learn during its first few months that will determine not just the puppy’s life, but its owner’s too.

The first thing a dog owner wants from his or her dog is not to eliminate inside the home. This is the first step in housetraining a pet. It is important for a dog owner to understand how to do it. Many people doesn’t know this skill give up their dogs eventually. This may take some time because we have to wait until the puppy is old enough to establish proper toilet habits. It’s a good idea to confine the puppy to a designated area until we can start this aspect of housebreaking. This does not mean that the dog needs to be isolated. Remember that a puppy is a social being and needs to be around people and other animals. There are great waterproof training pads available that we can put on the floor to minimize the mess a young puppy could cause.

Once the puppy is older, we should examine its daily routine so we can predict when we will have to take the dog outside for a walk. Usually puppies will need to go outside in the morning, shortly after eating and drinking, after waking up from a nap or before sleep. We need to feed the puppy always the same time so we can set up their daily routine.

Do not punish the puppy in case of an accident. Remember, it’s not their fault. On the other hand, always praise the puppy when he uses his designated potty area.

Another important thing a young puppy needs to learn is not to jump on people. To prevent this, the puppy must be caught in the act. Don’t punish the dog, just firmly tell him that it is a bad thing to do.

Socialization is another essential element in the life of a dog. If the dog is not well socialized during this time, it may become too shy or too aggressive later. The dog has to feel happy around people.

When teething, a puppy can be the source of a lot of damage in our house. While this is very annoying, and the owner can get angry easily, it is not the puppy’s fault. We must make sure that when we leave the dog alone, he won’t be able to access any furniture or other objects that can be damaged with chewing. There are cheap toys for this purpose and we have to teach the dog to chew on them instead of furnitures. Don’t forget to reward the puppy when he chooses his toy to chew on.

While house trainig a puppy may sound burdensome and complicated at first, it is vital to grasp some puppy training skills because the time we assign to their training will pay off eventually. A well trained dog can become an integral part of the family and will save a lot of trouble in the future.

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