If yoυ аre considering adoрting a puppy in the neaг future, here iѕ some information about dog temperment yοu might find usefυl before you bring that рuppy home. Let’s say you’ve done all οf your homework and found a good and reputable breeder. When you see the litter, stand and obѕerve the рups. Watch hοw […]

Puppy Training 101 When and How Do I Train My Puppy? Anyone who has ever had a dog knows that training a new puppy is a challenge, but essential. With any new dog, puppy training starts the day that you bring your new pet home and continues for months as they continue to learn the […]

A puppy is simply a juvenile dog, describing the period of time between the birth of a dog and reaching approximately one year of age. For a dog, this is the greatest period of development not only physically, but mentally and socially as well. Birth Puppies are born after a period of approximately 61 days […]