Obesity is spreading like an epidemic. Most of the people of the world are suffering from obesity due to the unhealthy and uncontrolled dietary habits. Sometimes obesity can be due to other reasons like stress or side effects of any kind of drugs or medications. Hyperthyroidism is one of the medical condition that can make […]

The Food and Drug Administration is approving weight-loss, anti-obesity drugs, medications that treat cognitive degeneration and even doggy Prozac at increasing rates, approving close to 40 new pet prescription drugs a year. But it’s not simply just prescription drugs for a dog’s wellbeing that are getting utilized at escalating rates; dogs are also receiving treatments […]

Halitosis, or bad breath, is as an bothersome scent a vast majority of dog owners begrudge. Bad breath in dogs is a popular pet smell gripe. Causes are typically associated to the plaque on the teeth and gums and thankfully are rarely a indicator of other much more critical diseases. Plaque rapidly hardens and results […]