DOG OBEDIENCE TRAINING MAKE THE PUPS KNOW WHO’S IN CHARGE ————————————————— Do you wish there was a way of teaching them not to do those things? Travelling on your whim sometimes, do you wish there were a language exclusively for you and your pup so that he can fully understand your complains?. HUNTING THE RIGHT […]

MAKE THE PUPS KNOW WHO’S IN CHARGE However, they can be your worst enemy sometimes. HUNTING THE RIGHT HOUND This group has a variety of both behavioural and physical-a history of hunting assistance often being the only regular bond among some of the hound breeds. Belonging to this group are some of the intelligent dog […]

Clicker Dog Training Your Cocker Spaniel Behavior and basic commands are easily learned by your Cocker Spaniel with clicker training. Highly rated because it is a gentle and sensitive method, which is what you need for Cocker Spaniel training. It is very effective and impressive for controlling and dictating your cocker’s behavior. Clicker dog training […]