Stop Dog Barking – How To Stop Your Dog Barking Instantly!


Before you examine the different ways on how to stop dog barking, you need to first understand that barking is a very natural behavior for dogs. They bark as a way to communicate with you. If you want to stop your dog from barking, you must first recognize the underlying cause as to why he is barking. Dogs bark for many reasons. They could be afraid of something or they are simply welcoming you home. They also bark as a form of deterrence to scare off uninvited guests. They are also more likely to bark when they are in unfamiliar territories.

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Constant barking can become a problem as it annoys the neighbors. You definitely do not want to be known as the resident who disturbs the peace! Many dog owners make the mistake of yelling at their barking dogs to quiet them down. Their efforts prove to be futile because the dogs will only perceive and hear the yelling as a form of barking, and they in turn get more agitated. Here are three easy steps that you can take to stop dog barking.

Entice Him with a Treat

The easiest way to get a dog to stop barking is to break off his attention from the perceived threat. Shift his focus onto you; he trusts you! To do this, you should have his favorite treat in close proximity. He will quiet down as he tries to sniff and examine the treat with his tongue. Praise him constantly for being silent and obedient. Repeat this step the next time he barks, and only feed him his treat five seconds after he has remained silent. Increase the duration each time and he will stop barking excessively. Always be consistent with your praises and rewards.

Check Out the Situation

Remember, a dog does not bark for no apparent reason. It is usually triggered by an event, such as someone ringing the doorbell. Rather than seeing his barking as annoying, you should know that he is only trying to protect you. Give him the assurance that you trust him by going up to the door and checking out the situation. Of course, you may already be expecting house guests, but do it nonetheless. Then, execute the Hush command or get him to sit down quietly. When he does that, be sure to praise him for his good behavior. Introduce the house guests to your dog gradually so that he doesn’t get stressed out. You may also get the visitors to feed him his favorite treats.

Allow Him to Socialize and Play Around

Keeping a dog in his cages for a prolonged duration is as good as torturing him. They become bored and they store excess energy, which are released through barking. Dogs love to scamper around, so be sure to let him out several times a day. Allowing your dog to socialize reduces the chances of him barking excessively because he is used to having strangers and foreign objects around him.
These are three excellent tips on how to stop dog barking. While you may never be able to get your dog to stop barking, you can get it to stop barking excessively. Carrying out these trainings will require much time and effort on your part.

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