Specific Tips to Help You Train Your Weimaraner


Are you at present aiming to get a dog? A lanky dog maybe something you want, perhaps? One that can cope well with your lifestyle? Walk with you in the mornings or even at nighttime? Play catch or go after the Frisbee in the park? Do you want a pet weimaraner that looks haunting or one that’s really stately looking? Do you want it to be low maintenance? After all, your habits may not give you enough time to worry about grooming and stuff. If the above sums up to a T, the kind of weimaraner you want, then you ought to really think about getting a weimaraner. And, to enable you to get the ball rolling, here are some weimaraner training tips that you will have the ability to use.

Tip 1 – Be the Alpha Dog

When it relates to dog training, weimaraners or any other breed, it is essential to remember that you ought to always be the superior animal/alpha dog. Dog owners will discover that their pets are all sorts of things, they are awfully playful, they are adoring, and at the same time, they are pack dogs.

This means that they seek the direction of a superior animal/alpha dog.

If you have ever had more than 2 dogs at one time, there is an excellent possibility that you’ll notice that one of your creatures is dominant compared to the others. If you want your pet dogs to be obedient, then you ought to be at the dominant position at all times. You need to act the role of the alpha family pet, the alpha male, the one that your dogs look up to, the one that they would not dare disobey.

When it relates to weimaraner training tips, establishing dominance is all important. Do so and you’ll find that your dogs follow commands much easier.

Tip 2 – Take care of Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a usual concern among weimaraners. Since these were specialized to be true animal companions, they have a strong tendency to take on a very close relation with their owners. It is this kind of attachment that makes them at risk to developing separation anxiety. To have the ability to train your family pet correctly, he/she should be left alone without developing anxiety.

Tip 3 – Exercise to Prevent Boredom

Weimaraner training tips also encompasses the need of dealing with any underlying considerations that may be causing training delays. If you realize that your weimaraner keeps chewing at things regardless of how many times you tell him ‘no’, then there is a very good chance that your pet is having troubles with boredom. Weimaraners are especially active animals – they were designed to be just like so. To keep your family pet’s boredom to the least, you need to take your pet dogs on regular walks and on runs.

Tip 4 – Make Sure You Have Everyone On one page

When it comes to training weimaraners, it is vital that you make sure you get everyone in the family on the same page. This will help give your family pet consistency. You don’t plan to have you pet weimaraner ignore your demand of not jumping on the divan just because someone else in the family will allow him to just that.

Use the above weimaraner training tips to help you train your weimaraner. Doing so can enable you to train your weimaraner better.

Christine Bounds a marketing assistant and a dog lover that loves to write weimaraner training tips and some of her articles talks about weimaraner separation anxiety and weimaraner puppy training.

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