Some Knowledge On Training a Dachshund


Dachshunds are the German breed dogs; they are independent in their decisions and stubborn in behavior. Typically it is found to be difficult training a dachshund. It is more convenient for the owners of the breed to train a puppy as compared to adults. But, if it comes to an adult, training a dachshund is a bit harder. It needs more attention comparatively, consistency and regularity is main purpose of training a dachshund in adult age. In this condition if the adult dachshund is trained soon the willful behavior of your dog will turn into a well mannered breed. Anyone who wants to adopt an adult dachshund has to learn all the tips regarding training a dachshund in order to avoid any worse accident in the future.

First of all the training of a dachshund starts with socialization, they need to be familiar with the people and they need to know other breeds and animals around them. Training a dachshund in adult age is based on two things.

  • Reward
  • Correction

These two incentives are used during training a dachshund; to what extends it should be applied, depends on the behavior of the dog. Both the incentives are to be used physically and vocally in order to make the dog understand what you feel for them. by doing this your dog will admit you as a leader and will become obedient, and will show you warmth, friendliness, respect and enthusiasm in any work assigned to it. Vocal praises like giving a name to your breed and pats on the sides, comes under rewarding your dog. Talking gentle to your dog is also very effective after trainings. And during training a dachshund it is more rewarding to give them something to eat and saying thanks and appreciating him for participating in the training well mannered, at the end of the training session. Correction is also can be done by vocal and physical. Teaching commands to your dog is by treating them a plastic thing. Let him play with any toy and just talk to him and make him learn the basic commands like “no” ,”go”, “come here ” and etc. correction session is a bit different from rewards. While correcting your dog, do not call with name, do not yell or shout. When the dog is disobeying; just say in a calm voice “No”. And if still continued doing the same thing, use slip collar apply a moderate snap then leave to the leash. It’s kind of tightening the collar and releasing and kind of punishment. And this was the some tips while training a dachshund in adult age.

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