Solid Gold Dog Foods


Strong Gold is an award winning brand of puppy foods that a lot of puppy proprietors know and really like. They have been an marketplace leader in creating all-natural foods for dogs that make use of a holistic strategy to puppy diet. They have productively created a line of pet goods that are all organic, holistic, with no chemical preservatives.

Sound Gold has a slogan that states it greatest, “What nature has invented, Sound Gold has perfected”. They have been a fore-runner in premium and holistic puppy nutrition for much more than 3 decades. They have held this stature by making use of only premium top quality ingredients.

They use only USDA certified meats, grade I & II grains and herbs, meticulously picked for their useful health enhancing qualities. You will discover no salt, sugar, filler, by-merchandise, artificial flavoring and colors, or chemical preservatives in any Strong Gold formula. Every recipe stays clear away from the use of wheat, corn or soy. All of whi

ch are leading foods allergens in dogs. Sound Gold also avoids the use of damaging chemicals this kind of as BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin to protect their puppy foods.

Strong Gold delivers a broad array of puppy meals for all different existence levels and breeds. From the Solid Gold WolfKing for the more substantial breed dogs, to the Holistique Blendz for senior dogs, they have it coated. Every delivering wholesome substances that are organic and nutrient-dense, with an conclude outcome being an enhanced state of basic effectively becoming which facilitates elevated resistance to disorder. A brand that has a product for even the pickiest of canines.

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