Rabies The Most Dangerous of The Dog Health Problems


Rabies is by far the most dangerous disease a dog could contact. Spread though the saliva of any infected animal, this disease has no cure. The only way to save your dog from this most dangerous of the dog health problems is to vaccinate it on time. The danger of this disease is that it could be contacted by any mammal and also any infected mammal could transmit the disease to humans through a bite or licking an open wound.

Though there are some countries that have completely eliminated the rabies virus, there are some countries where rabies is still prevalent. In such countries, all dogs should be vaccinated as this deadly disease could affect humans also. Due to these reasons rabies is treated as one of the gravest dog health problems.

When a rabid dog bites a healthy dog that has not been vaccinated against the virus, through the infected dogs saliva the virus enters the body of the healthy animal. Unlike other dog health problems there is hardly anything you could do if a healthy dog that is not being vaccinated is bitten by an infected dog. Though you have vaccines developed for humans there is no cure for this type of dog health problems of dogs. Therefore, if a dog not vaccinated against rabies is bitten by an infected dog, the bitten dog is sure to die.

Once a healthy dog that is not vaccinated against rabies is bitten by a rabid dog, it will develop serious dog health problems after three to eight weeks. The dog will become restless and lethargic. Also normally friendly dog will become aggressive. These symptoms will last only three or four days after which the dog will become aggressive and start biting other dogs and even humans.

At the final stage of this gravest of the dog health problems the dog will lose its balance and will not be able to control its jaws. Finally the death will occur. As rabies is the worst of the dog health problems that brings a painful death to any affected dog, you must never forget to vaccinate your pet.

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