Professional Puppy Training


Your pup simply refuses to listen. No matter what training techniques and tips you try to implement, Fido continues to have a mind of his own and insists on doing what he wants. You say “sit down” and the dog runs. You say “come” and the dog acts as if he did not hear you. These circumstances make you question why you ever bought the dog in the first place.

One of the problems could be that the pup is actually picking up your sense of frustration. Not everybody is cut out to be a dog trainer. If you think you may not be up to the job, why not consult a specialized dog trainer? After all, it is significant that the dog listen to you for his own sake.

If you feel that hiring a expert dog trainer is too high-priced or a waste of money, you may want to rethink the problem. Specialized training costs far less than the problems and complications that can occur with an untrained puppy.

Once you have decided to hire a expert trainer, you have to find one that teaches obedience in a positive and humane manner using training techniques that include praise, food and play as rewards. Never take your pup to a trainer that uses force or hurting to make the dog submit.

When selecting a professional dog trainer, enquire with breeders, other pet owners and veterinarians for suggestions. Interview quite a few trainers before choosing the one to work with your pup. Do not be afraid to ask questions, particularly ones concerning the type of training techniques he or she uses. Ask for recommendations. A good dog handler should be able to provide numerous references.

Consult the trainer about the merits and demerits of including your pup in a class situation. Your dog might do good in a private lesson without you or in training lessons that involve only you, the dog and the specialized trainer.

If you choose to go with a class situation, ensure there are enough trainers onsite to give the help and guidance that each one is seeking for. One trainer working with 25 puppies and their owners is not expected to achieve much. Your puppy will get a lot more attention when there are a sufficient number of handlers available to help those having problems with the lessons.

Class situations can be beneficial to dogs that need to be socialized. These classes will provide the opportunity for the dog to get to know other people, as well as other dogs.

You will find that trainers offer different levels of lessons. A good dog handler will host lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced training sessions.

It is important for you as the owner of the puppy to strengthen what the dog learns during the professional training sessions. It is a good idea to repeat or review the lessons every day. Repetition will assist the puppy retain the vital lessons.

Don’t be afraid to include other members of your family in the training sessions, both at class and at home. This will help the puppy to gel with other family members.

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