Positive Puppy Training With Pawsitive Solutions


When a puppy comes into your life you are given not only a lifelong comfort, but also a lifelong responsibility. Dogs are pack animals descended from wolves and like wolves they need to have a definite pack hierarchy so that they can feel safe and secure in their role in society. This means that they want desperately to be trained in how to behave: manners are very important to a dog.

Pawsitive Solutions offers San Antonio puppy training that will give your newest family member the confidence he or she needs to be a happy and well adjusted dog. Marlene Ring, a certified professional pet dog trainer, teaches San Antonio dog obedience classes that are unique in their approach. Ms. Ring fully understands the special personality of your puppy and works with the animals entrusted to her care individually for specific skills as well as working toward socialization skills in groups of dogs.

A dog needs to be mannerly not only when he is alone with his family but also when he is in the presence of other dogs. He needs to know what he may and may not do. Dogs want to please their human family, but they are not born knowing what to do. Obedience is important, but equally important is socialization with other dogs or animals. In a service called board and train, Ms. Ring takes your animal into her home for a period of time and teaches it to be a “good dog” around people as well as around other dogs. It is like a camp experience for dogs.

In her San Antonio dog training classes, Marlene Ring also works with the people in a dog’s life so that the dog understands who is the “leader of the pack” and who is in charge at home. A trained dog is a dog who knows where he stands and what to do: a happy dog. Using a technique of positive reinforcement the classes teach both the human and the canine how to respond to situations that life throws at them and what to expect from each other day to day. The partnership of animal and person is forged in understanding and love.

San Antonio dog training should not be hit or miss, it needs to be targeted at your dog’s specific personality and need. Pawsitive Solutions can give your friend the confidence and self assurance she craves to have a wonderful life experience with you.

Marlene Ring is the driving force behind PAWSitive Solutions dog and puppy training. Her extraordinary love for dogs and the desire to share her knowledge with others is what makes her special dog training style unique. Get her FREE “Dog Training Tips” report at http://www.PawsitiveSolutionsSite.com and call her office at 830.981.5003 to talk about your pet.
Positive Puppy Training with Pawsitive Solutions

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