Positive Dog Training in BC


There is a remarkable difference between having a pet and keeping one with care! A dog can be your best friend if receives proper training at the right time. Today, there are several dog trainers and specialists who offer training services for dogs but how to select the best for your dog? Let’s find out!

Dog trainers across the world generally use two methodologies for training dogs and working with their behavioral patterns: Punishment and Positive Reinforcement. On one hand, punishment is a negative form of psychology though efficient can result in developing fear and anxiousness in your dog, whereas, positive reinforcement is a positive form of behavioral psychology and is effective as well.

In most cases, punishment leads to development of fearful and anxious behavior in dogs, whereas, positive reinforcement method in the form of “rewards” helps us in developing a positive and dynamic behavioral patterns in dogs.

There are many dog training institutes who use either or both the techniques for training dogs and dealing and polishing their behavioral problems and their behavior patterns respectively. But surveys and statistics confirm that dogs given appropriate training with a positive reinforcement technique are at a better position of understanding their keepers without compromising on their enjoyment factor.

Positive reinforcement in the form of “rewards” to a dog can help develop positive and long term behavior patterns in a dog. A dog being rewarded for a task is at a better position to understand the importance of the task than one who is punished for not completing a task.

Dynamite Dog is a reputed dog training centre in Burnaby in British Columbia. It is also known for offering in-home dog training services to help you groom your dogs better. It is run by the famous dog trainer and avid reader of dog behavior and psychology Lee Poizer. Lee has been training dogs since 2002 and has worked with thousands of dogs and had been studying canine behavior and dog psychology for years. People like Lee Poizer make a good choice for efficient and result-oriented dog training.

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