Pet Insurance – Financial Protection Outside The UK


Pet insurance will compensate you for the costs associated with having emergency treatment abroad. Pet insurance may pay up to a specified amount per trip, although you may find that you can only make a maximum number of trips in any period of insurance. You should then be protected against the cost of additional accommodation, repatriation costs and expenses for you and your pet if:

> Your pet requires emergency treatment and you miss your scheduled transport to the United Kingdom as a direct result.

> Losing your pet’s health certificate directly results in you missing your scheduled departure back to the UK

> Your scheduled departure is delayed by the carrier in order to get tick and worm treatment repeated

Additionally, if your pet is lost during a trip abroad, pet insurance may cover reasonable additional travel, accommodation costs and expenses whilst you try to find your pet before your scheduled return date. This will usually be valid for a maximum number of days and you’ll need to check with your provider to see if they offer cover.

If your pet does need veterinary treatment abroad, there is certain documentation you will generally need to provide for your insurance company. This includes receipts, proof of purchase or bills for all costs incurred in order to substantiate your claim. If your pet is held back for worming treatment, you should also provide documentary evidence that your pet received the initial tick and worming treatment in the time-scale required by the pet travel scheme. You must also provide evidence that the repeat tick and worming treatment was necessary to comply with the pet travel scheme.

The RSPCA recommends that you vaccinate your pet regularly, especially if you are going abroad.[1] This means your dog will be protected against canine parvovirus disease, canine distemper virus, leptospirosis or infectious canine hepatitis. The RSPCA also suggest that dogs travelling abroad may require a rabies vaccination.

Once you have your pet’s paperwork in place and you have secured pet insurance to protect yourself financially, you should be able to enjoy your time with your pet abroad. If your pet does contract an illness or is held up with international travel, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your pet insurance will assist you.

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