Pet Insurance – Covering The Cost of Malignant Melanomas


UK pet insurance offers different levels of cover, so if you compare pet insurance online, it’s worth taking an in-depth look at the policy documents. The cheapest insurance does not always offer the most extensive cover and if your pet becomes seriously ill you could find that your pet insurance is limited.

Malignant melanomas are one reason to take out pet insurance, as some dogs are more likely to develop malignant melanomas than others. The condition seems to be most prevalent in male dogs and dogs with black coats. Middle aged and older dogs (usually between the ages of nine and twelve) are also more at risk.

Some breeds also seem to have a genetic predisposition to malignant melanomas. Poodles, dachshunds, and golden retrievers are more likely to develop melanomas in the mouth whilst Scottish terriers, Boston terriers, Airedale’s, cocker spaniels, springer spaniels, Irish setters, Irish terriers, chow chows, Chihuahuas and Doberman’s are most often affected by this condition on their skin and toes.

It is worth being especially vigilant if your dog fits into one or more of these categories, especially as oral malignant melanomas are quite common; in fact they account for 30-40% of all malignant tumours in dogs.[1] Dog’s suffering from this condition can present a variety of symptoms including bad breath, facial swelling and loss of appetite. They often drool excessively and occasionally bleed from the mouth.

If your dog shows clinical signs of an illness, it is best to arrange for a vet to examine and treat your pet as soon as possible. If you delay a veterinary examination you can jeopardise the terms of your pet insurance policy.

If your vet is able to confirm the presence of a malignant melanoma they may refer you to a national specialist. Your pet insurance may be able to cover your travel as well as your healthcare expenses. In fact, some pet insurance policies pay up to 150 in any period of insurance for travel and accommodation expenses if your usual vet recommends another vet to treat your pet, and you have to make a long journey.

Reputable pet insurance should be able to protect you financially if your pet develops a malignant melanoma, allowing you to focus on your dog’s wellbeing. With early treatment and a bit of good luck your pet should make a full recovery to good health.

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