Papatek Launched Dog Training Products And Accessories Online


Having a dog in your life should provide you with great joy and companionship and how to well train your own dogs is not easy. Moreover, during puppyhood you play an important role and are responsible for shaping the character, temperament and behavior habits that your dog will carry throughout his life. Now, with the help of papatek dog training product series, training your favourite dogs will become much simpler and more fun.

Papatek Dog Training Products offers you a large variety of high quality dog products and the safest choice of dog training supplies. It provides the best smart dogs training products, including 4 in 1 ELECTRONIC REMOTE DOG TRAINING COLLAR, Pet Training Shock Collar LCD Display Remote Control, Collar for O23-1 Smart Dog In-ground Pet Fencing System, Multi-Functional SMALL/MEDIUM/BIG STUBBORN DOG REMOTE TRAINING COLLAR, Hidden Pet Containment System Radio Dog Fence 3 collar and so forth. If you’re striving to raise and train a happy, healthy and well adjusted dog yourself at home – papatek training dog products are good handy tool for you with its most reliable, cost-efficient pet containment systems available today.

Dog Training Tips for You:
Note: All dogs training but especially with young puppies to use lots of encouragement, praise and rewards (positive reinforcement) in your training.

Tip 1: The best time to start train a dog is between six to eight weeks of dog’s age. However, it is never too late to begin the training process.
Tip 2: Pay attention, the personality and temperament of each breed is different. In such a case, it would be beneficial to understand why your dog behaves the way it does, its nature, and so on.
Tip 3: To teach something, you need to capture the attention of the person. The same is the case with dogs as well. Before starting the training process, you need to catch the attention of it.
Tip 4: Keep your training sessions short, limiting the training period to about 15 minutes per day, consistent and always have fun. The key to shaping your puppy’s behavior is to start out with very easy commands, continue to build on these successes and apply heaps of repetition.
Tip 5: The commands can start from the basic ones such as ‘Sit’, ‘Down’ and ‘Stay’ and gradually move to the simpler tricks such as ‘Shake’, ‘Speak’ and ‘Roll Over’ to the more complex commands and tricks such as ‘Fetch The Ball’, ‘Fetch The Newspaper’ or ‘Jump Through The Ring’.
Tip 6: Train him to perform at least one of the commands before getting anything desirable such as food, walk or love.
Tip 7: Each time your dog performs a particular command, praise it and reward it immediately with its favorite treat. Motivation is the easiest and most effective way for successful training.
Tip 8: You can teach him to sit and shake hands, until you throw the ball for him to fetch or even lie down and roll over to make you pet him or rub his belly. Do not give the desired thing, until the dog drops his resistance and starts obeying your command.
Tip 9: Patience holds the key, when it comes to training the dog. You will have to be tolerant to train a dog. It may even wander and offer much resistance for the first few minutes. However, it is your duty to try to teach the same trick to him, after some time.
Tip 10: Make sure that dog understands what you want him to do, before withholding his food or walks. is a professional online pet training products supply store that is dedicated to serving you with safe products for the companion dog owner, sport dog, etc.

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