Longer Active Life For Athlete Dogs


There is a discussion all around the world concerning whether athletes live longer or shorter than other people. Whenever a famous athlete dies at young age, the debate becomes heated. If we listen to what each side is saying about the issue, we can learn valuable lessons applicable for our canine friends.

One side of the discussion would say athletes drink a lot, use drugs and other chemicals for their performance. We can safely say that using the wrong drugs and performance enhancers are also harmful for dogs and other pets. Instead of these we can always use dog supplements, dog vitamins or nutritional supplements for dogs.

One of the reasons of athletes to die young is not supplementing the lost minerals while sweating. Human athletes, lose lots of essential minerals by sweating. The belief that dogs don’t sweat is not true. They also sweat from their footpads. However they regulate the heat of their body by panting. K9 athletes lose more minerals than less active dogs. So they need more pet supplements or pet vitamins. For an athlete dog to have a full and healthy life it must receive all the dog health supplements its body needs.

Athletes force their muscles to perform more and when muscles are forced they may start to ache. An athlete can tell you that the back of his leg is hurting but a dog can’t. A winning race hound starts lose races, or a show dog starts to perform poorly. All of these can be cured by pain killers in the short run. However, in the long run the health of the dog will start to deteriorate. It is not easy to breed a winning dog. Therefore dog nutrition supplements and K9 vitamins must be used for dogs with aching muscles. These canine nutritional supplements make dogs stronger and help them recover from fatigue faster.

For humans and their pets the secret of a long life is the balance of diet with activity. If a dog is more active, it must have more canine supplements. Just like humans.

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