How to Use a Puppy Training Pad Properly


A puppy training pad is getting to be the way many people are potty training their new puppy. These pads are good not only for potty training but for keeping a dog inside whom seldom goes outside. Anyone living in city conditions where taking their dog outside will appreciate the convenience of a puppy training pad.

We see older dogs that because of age or health or injuries can no longer control their kidneys and these pads provide a real convenience for both the animal and its owner. Young dogs are anxious to make their owners happy by relieving themselves in the right place. If a mature dog suffers from incontinence it will be a difficult situation for him and his master.

Marring of household contents can be costly and cleaning can be unpleasant for the owner and also stressful to the dog. Puppy training pads can help man and animal get along well and help the dog with his issues.

Litter boxes such those used for cats can also be helpful for dogs. Litter boxes have assisted in housebreaking of many small dogs. Litter boxes are not necessarily the most desirable answer, however. Bags of litter are expensive and the litter boxes can become a bit unkempt. Cats and litter boxes seem to work out well but this is probably not the best solution for dogs.

A puppy training pad is less costly and provides a less messy alternative. The pads are probably more like going outside on the yard than the litter box is. With a litter box some of the material invariably winds up on the floor and this does not happen with pads. The pads are easy to remove and discard without creating a mess.

These puppy training pads will help with the problem of a dog creating an odor in a certain place and then returning there. Urine odors that penetrate hardwood or carpet will stay there for a long time. If this happens the dog is sure to return to the same spot and propagate the problem. It is a dog’s habit to go back to the same area.

When your puppy goes to the pad it can then be thrown away along with the accompanying smell. Your responsibilities are simplified. If your goal is to teach him to go outside this is fairly easy. Slowly but surely relocate the pad closer and closer to an outside door and give him treats as he behaves properly. Before long he will be going to the door automatically.

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