How To Train A Puppy – Try These Three Simple Steps


So you’ve just brought a new puppy into your house. Surely, one of the first things that will come into your mind is training her. Your puppy must feel that she’s very welcome in her new home. Doing this involves regarding her not as a toy, but as an important part of your family. You may notice that your puppy will act strange on his first week and this is due to the sounds and smells in your house that may seem unfamiliar to her. But she will get used to it after a period of time. There are three steps on how to train a puppy without much difficulty.

The first step you must try is to teach her the basic commands like sit, stay, heel and others. It will be easy for your puppy to learn these things if you will do them at least twice or thrice a day. Nutrition is also important for your puppy so be choosy when it comes to the brand of dog food. You must also teach the puppy where she should take her slumber. As mush as possible, never change this spot. Remember that it will be her new comfort place, so it must be in a peaceful place in your home which she can consider her own. Secondly, familiarize your puppy with similar words and phrases for the same expected outcome. One example of this step on how to train a puppy is the familiar “go potty” phrase. While saying this, bring her to the area which she can consider as her toilet.

Third, avoid shouting at your puppy or reprimanding her heavily no matter how much clutter she has made. Do show her your displeasure while remaining calm. You can scold her by avoiding cuddling her and saying some reprimanding words in lower tone. However, when she did something right, don’t fail to praise and reward her. It’s so easy to follow these steps on how to train a puppy. Just let your common sense do the work and if you need help, read some books or visit some dog training websites. Moreover, don’t forget to have fun while training her and keep your sessions short. Try also to have short but productive sessions between you and your pet.

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