How to Properly Train Your Golden Retriever Puppies


Among dog breeds, the Golden Retriever is one of the easiest to train and to take care of. They are usually known for their obedience and friendly temperament which makes them are popular as family pets, therapy and service dogs. They manifest different talents which include competitive obedience, narcotic detection, agility, and performing and show tricks.

Golden Retriever puppies are the perfect pets for anyone who enjoys an affectionate and mild tempered dog for a companion. They settle well into family life if given the proper training and attention. Though potential pet owners should be aware that without the proper obedience and housebreaking training, your golden retriever puppy can prove to be more of a problem than being fun. You have to start them young; you should come up with a Golden Retriever Puppy training plan as soon as you have those adorable puppies in your home.Here are a few tips in training your adorable furry pets.


* Pet owners have to make sure that their golden retrievers meet and mingle with as many people as possible during their first four months. It has been known that a Golden retriever suffers from separation anxiety when frequently left alone, anxiety can manifest in excessive barking and destructiveness.
* Going on trips, visiting friends who own pets, and walking along busy streets should be integral of your dog’s education. These positive experiences will allow your puppy to be at ease with human presence and reduce the probability of any future behavior problems.House-training
* Housebreak your golden retriever as early as possible by observing and becoming acquainted with your puppy’s body language such sniffing the floor.
* If your puppy stays mainly inside the house, take your puppy outside every 45 minutes or so after meals as they tend to have toilet needs around this time.
* Give praises and rewards so that your dog so that it will be able to associate new activities as positive experiences.
Obedience- training
* If your dog stays inside your house most of the time, it is important start your golden retriever training inside the home where your dog stays. They will tend to learn faster when he/she is in a familiar location.
* Train your golden retriever in short but frequent sessions. Dogs usually have a short attention span and will get easily distracted or bored.
* Lastly, do not forget to end each training session with a positive note. This will make your dog to look forward to the next training session.

It is important to begin a basic golden retriever training the moment your dog is bought home especially if he is still a puppy, as they say it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks. Good early habits almost usually last and result in a well mannered and perfectly trained golden retriever in the future.

Remember to have fun with your Golden Retriever training and it is guaranteed that you will have very few stressful moments in sharing a home with a fully housebroken, happy and obedient dog.

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