How TO Crate Train Your Dog


This article gives you effective puppy training tips on how to best crate train your dog.

Crate training a puppy can be helpful in animal training; specifically potty training. This means that a crate trained puppy will wait until he is released from the pen before he eliminates, therefore giving you something to work with in terms of scheduling his feeding and potty time. Make sure to use a crate that is comfortable but small enough for him not to use a part of it as a toilet.

Place the crate in a room with a lot of people. Allow the puppy to enter the crate himself. Put in some interesting things and toys. Let him feel comfortable inside the box and feed him there. This should be your dog’s personal haven from the stress so make crate training an enjoyable and pleasant experience for him. Never use it to punish him. As he is getting more comfortable inside the crate, shut the door for a few minutes. Make sure he sees and hears you in the room even if he is

enclosed. If he whimpers or gets upset for reasons other than pain or potty urges, wait for him to settle down before opening the crate. If you give in

and let him out because he is crying, he will use this to get his way in the future. If all goes well, the puppy will now be accustomed to a closed crate and is probably not noticing you as much anymore. Begin to go out of the room for longer periods of time. With the puppy toys distracting him, he is now at ease and even enjoying this time of play and quiet time. Do not leave your puppy alone for more than four hours at a time without going to the potty.

These are few puppy training tips that when followed, will do so much to increase your leisure time significantly. Crate training aids potty and sleeping habits without much hard work. The dog will be happy in his own world and you in yours. When you are successful in crate training a puppy– your former lifestyle will be as forgotten as a buried bone.

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