Home Dog Training Fundamentals


Your approach to dog training has a big impact on the actual training results that you will get. As long as you have the right mindset about dog training, you can be sure that your puppy will grow into a well-mannered dog that you can be proud of. Aside from having the right mindset, you would also do well to follow the most useful tips and tricks of dog training. Not all dogs are created equal – some are born to lead while some gladly follows the commands of the pack leader. Consequently, not all dogs respond to training in the same manner – some gladly do their tasks and exercises without giving you, the owner, a hard time while others will test your temperament to its limits.

Once you have learned a few techniques it should be enough to begin, you can start by curing the basic problems that most people have with their dogs, such as barking and biting. If your dog barks a lot at a young age it really is nothing to worry about how else is a dog supposed to communicate with you, but if he is showing aggression when he barks this may be a problem. You will need to start off by figuring out why he is barking. Maybe he needs to go outside or maybe he is hungry those are to common problems. The dog could also be frightened if this is the case figure out what it is that is causing him to be scared. Cure these problems and you will be one step closer to easing the amount of barking your dog does.

Leash training a dog can help tremendously when taking your dog out on a walk. A couple weeks of leash training should be sufficient to let the dog try to walk by your side without a leash. If things don’t go well, keep the leash on for another week and then try without the leash again. A dog will pull on a leash because of the pressure they feel when you pull back. Once your dog starts to pull, let out all the tension in the leash and go in the other direction. As your dog comes to your side quickly praise your dog and gather up the leash.

The basic principles of how to train a dog are positive and negative reinforcement. It can be difficult for new dog owners to learn how to properly train their dog. Remember to focus on the most important things first: aggression and obedience. It will be considerably easier to train an obedient dog.

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