Havanese Training & Housebreaking – Patience And Consistency


Getting a new puppy is an exciting, happy event, but you will soon have to teach your little fuzz ball the proper place to toilet, and the sooner the better. Choose a spot in the yard or a litter box where your little friend will be expected to eliminate, and be consistent. Consistency includes all members of the family so let everyone know the correct place for the Havanese to do his or her business. As soon as you bring your new puppy home take him or her to the correct place and allow some time for elimination to take place. Praise your Havanese when he or she eliminates, and then show him or her the rest of his or her new home.

If you provide a small place for your Havanese to sleep, he or she will not eliminate in that spot. A clean crate with a small blanket or towel is a good place for your puppy to sleep in when you are not able to watch him or her. When you remove your Havanese from the crate, immediately take him or her outside to the correct spot. Have a certain command you always use when he or she eliminates, so that you will be able to say the command and get results. Praise your puppy when he or she eliminates. A treat can also be given for a reward. Take your puppy outside or to the litter box every two hours while you are awake and first thing in the morning.

Other kinds of Havanese Training can be good for keeping domestic life peaceful and for fun. Basic commands such as “sit,” “off,” and “settle” are good for teaching good manners. Gently help your Havanese to sit while saying, “sit.” Take your hands away and give a treat while he or she is still sitting. Soon the puppy will learn to sit when he or she hears the command. “Off” and “leave it” are good for preventing and stopping bad behavior. When your Havanese tries to jump onto someone who is afraid of dogs, or jumps onto a table, say, “Off,” and gently remove the pup from the guest or table. Offer praise when your puppy is removed from the forbidden object. Show your puppy a treat, and when he or she becomes interested, say, “Leave it,” while distracting him or her with another treat or toy. Give the second reward so that your Havanese will learn to associate “leave it” with good things. The command to “settle” is a good one to use if your Havanese becomes overly excited and noisy at times. Gently help your Havanese to lie down, saying “settle,” and when he or she is quietly settled, give a treat. Repeat exactly the same process several times a week until your Havanese learns what to do on command.

Havanese are a generally good-natured dog that has not been damaged by over breeding. However, individuals do not always conform to the breed standard. Becoming frustrated and impatient will only make the problem worse. If your Havanese does not learn what you want him to right away, think of it as your failure rather than the puppy’s. If your puppy training proves difficult, see a veterinarian or breeder for professional advice and training. Enjoy your new friend.

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