Five Bichon Frise Training Commands to Master


When you take up the responsibility of owning a pet, you basically sign up for a duty that remains till the day you are with your pet. Pets are much like children and need to be dealt with in the same way. Especially if you have a live-in pet that is free to roam around the house, there are a few things that you need to train him for. Some pets like dogs are easier to train than many other pets people have. For a dog, dog training not only helps him learn manners but it also teaches him that you, as his owner, are strict about certain things which he should not be doing.

For people who own a Bichon Frise, it is imperative to make sure they give him Bichon Frise training about what he should or shouldn’t be doing. Moreover, it is important for you to make your Bichon understand that he has to obey your command no matter what. For that, you first need to understand how to master the five most important commands for Bichon Frise training.

These commands include:

1.Sit – The basic command that is a part of dog training is ‘sit’. In order to train your Bichon Frise to sit, give him something he loves to eat or play with as a means to entice him. Gradually keep pulling the object up till the dog raises his nose and then you can tell him to sit. With his nose perched up, his bottom half will slowly sit down on the floor. The moment he sits, you can give him the object as a prize for obeying you.

You might need to make this a regular part of your Bichon Frise training but once he learns it, he will never forget it.

2.Drop – With the drop command, you teach your Bichon to lie low. For this, you first need to sit in front of him and then offer the object in front of his nose. Gradually keep lowering the object or bait until you reach the floor. When your dog reaches it with his nose, keep the object right in front of him. By doing this, he will be motivated to lower his head, with his shoulders following. While you carry out the action, keep giving him the ‘drop’ command alongside. This is an essential part of dog training and comes in useful when you need to stop your Bichon from doing something.

3.Come – This happens to be the most often used dog training command and is perhaps the most important too. Initially, you can put a long leash on your dog (around twenty-five feet) and call his name. The long leash will help you lead him towards you. to train your Bichon to return to you, offer him a prize when he comes. This could be anything from a toy to a food item.

4.Heel – The heel command is given when your Bichon is on the lead and you are walking with him. As you walk with your dog, tell him to ‘heel’ in order to teach him to follow your lead rather than try to move ahead of you. You can teach him this command by leading him with the leg that is nearest to him, making sure that when you walk or jog, everything except for your dog’s head remains behind your body.

5.Stay – Another important dog training command, you will come across instances when you will need to tell your Bichon to stay. This Bichon Frise training command requires a dog owner to be patient and give more time than other commands.

To teach this Bichon Frise training command to your dog, look for a place where your Bichon is most comfortable. If it is a mat in the room, take your dog to it and get him to sit on the mat by saying ‘stay’. When you tell him to stay, wait for a couple of seconds and then give him the prize. Initially, you will need to stay with him but after a few tries, start moving away. Every time your dog stays on the mat, give him a prize.

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