Fever – One of The Dog Health Problems That is Difficult to Handle


Fever is a very common ailment with dogs. Very often the dog owners are not able to detect when their dogs are down with fever. The body temperature of dogs is higher than that of humans. Therefore we cannot feel when the dog is suffering from fever unless your dog shows other dog health problems. Dogs could develop fever due to a number of reasons. When a dog is suffering from a skin disease, it could develop fever. Also a dog could catch fever due to an ailment involving its immune system.

Tick fever is one of the most severe dog health problems when it comes to fever. In areas where there are ticks, dogs could get infected by this serious type of fever. When pups of small age are contacted with tick fever, it is difficult to cure. Therefore, if you have pups you need to prevent them from walking into areas where there could be ticks.

Fever could be a symptom of other major dog health problems such as cancer and infection. It also could be a reaction to a certain drug. Therefore you need to seek medical help as soon as you come to know that your dog is suffering from fever because you never know if it is going to lead to serious dog health problems.

Though the best way to know that your dog is having any dog health problems relating to fever is to check the temperature with a rectal thermometer, there are certain symptoms from which you could identify fever in dogs. Your dog will not play and it will stop all its activities. It will shiver and cough. Also sometimes it will have diarrhea. There could be heavy panting and you could feel that the breath is warm. If you see any of these symptoms it is better to take your dog to the veterinarian as it could develop more severe dog health problems if not treated on time.

As fever is a symptom of more critical dog health problems you must never neglect a dog suffering from fever as it could develop complication that are difficult to handle.

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